How to Apply New PAN Card

How to Apply for a New PAN Card?

Pan Card

● Purchase the PAN card coupons from the company

● Login to the UTI PSA Login Page. We will share the login details with you.

● Fill the Pre-form and Main Form

● Ensure all the details are filled correctly before submitting the forms

● Once submitted, save the PDF of the form and take its printout

● Next, stick the applicant’s photo in the form and request the applicant to sign.

● Scan the form along with the Aadhar card. It will act as the address proof, date of birth proof, and identity proof of the applicant.

● Upload the scanned copy of the Aadhar card along with the application form.

● When the required documents are submitted, you can download the submitted documents.

● The application will be processed within 15 days.

● You can easily track the status of the PAN card application.

● Submit the hardcopy of all the documents to UTI. Remember, the online application and hard copies must have the same details.

Benefits of PAN agency registration

– Earn commission on each PAN card

– Constant support from our team

– Transparent procedures portal

So, don’t wait anymore. Go ahead with the registration and PAN card agency application online for your customers.


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